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Storm Damage Claims

A destroyed house and palm trees - Your Injury Law GroupHave You Recently Suffered Damage To Property From A Storm?

Based in Boca Raton, FL, Your Injury Law Group exists in part to guide you through the complexities you face after a severe storm that leaves your property totaled in its wake. From evaluating the damage done to disputing with insurance companies on your behalf, we have you covered throughout the entire storm damage claim process.

The Choice For You

The aftermath of a storm can be an incredibly difficult time. Besides damage to your home and other pieces of property, you may have suffered injuries that require your undivided attention. With our experienced storm damage claims attorneys by your side, you can do just that – focus on your recovery and leave all the paperwork and disputes to us. We strive to ensure your rights are recognized, upheld, and honored while safeguarding your interests across the board and delivering the compensation you deserve.

Unsure Of What You’re Entitled To Do After A Severe Storm?

If you’re like most people, you may not know what actions or recourse are legitimately available to you after a severe storm, and face things such as having to:

Assess Damage

Severe storms damage, if not destroy, nearly everything in their path. Your home, business, car, or even the infrastructure you use every day isn’t immune to this. Evaluating the total dollar value of the damage you’ve suffered requires a thorough idea of everything to look out for and a professional-level understanding of how to precisely value it. Structural damage, flooding, and electrical hazards are common realities that pose safety concerns that only make this even more challenging.

Navigate And Dispute Insurance Coverage

With all the legalese used by insurance companies and the fact that most people only review their policies when they’re in a situation where they become relevant, navigating insurance is quite easily the most difficult thing to have to deal with after a storm. What makes this worse is how most, if not all, insurance companies are arguably bad actors who look out only for themselves. Because of this, they’ll likely end up forcing you to file a storm damage lawsuit against them for what you’re entitled to in light of the damage you’ve incurred.

Experience Distress And Uncertainty

All of these factors converge and cause immense emotional hardship and stress. The psychological scar of uncertainty after the storm can greatly affect your well-being, exacerbating an intrinsically stressful situation. Add to this the income you may very well lose, temporary housing costs you’ll have to pay, and other unforeseen expenses, and you will quickly see just how much stress you’ll be in.

How We Assist

Our storm damage insurance claims lawyers know from first-hand experience what it takes to get you the compensation you are entitled to and stand by ready to propel you toward recovery. We assess your case, compile any and all evidence necessary to strengthen it and flex our negotiation muscle at the insurance company that thinks it can walk all over you. We manage every aspect of your case so you can recover as burden-free as possible.

Get The Help You Need

If you or someone you know in Florida have recently suffered injury or damage to your property as the result of a storm and aren’t getting the aid you deserve from insurance, email or call us at (866) 824-4222 today. We will assess all of your injuries and any property damage you’ve suffered as we get the ball rolling on your storm damage insurance claim. After that, we will begin putting the legal strategy we develop for you into practice as we make our way to you being made whole.

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