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Major Wins For Our Clients

Your Injury Law Group Wins Insurance Coverage For Seriously Injured Bicyclist

A prospective buyer was test-driving a car being sold by a small car dealer. During the test drive, the driver hit a bicyclist causing serious life-threatening injuries and prolonged hospitalization.

In Florida, a car’s driver and owner can often both be held responsible for injuries caused by the negligence of the driver. However, there are different rules that may apply under Florida law if the owner is a car dealer.

Your Injury Law Group convinced the driver’s insurance company to pay its $250,000 policy limit for the cyclist’s injuries. This left the cyclist’s claims against the car dealer.

The dealer’s insurance company argued that the law that applies to car dealers eliminates the dealer’s responsibility if the driver’s insurance pays over a certain amount. The driver’s $250,000 insurance payment was over that minimum amount, they argued, and therefore the dealer had no legal financial responsibility to the cyclist. The cyclist’s claim was denied.

Your Injury Law Group had analyzed the statutes and came to a different conclusion. Our attorney concluded that the driver’s $250,000 insurance payment was not enough to insulate the dealer from liability in this case and that the insurance company had misinterpreted the statutes. Undaunted by the insurance company’s denial, Your Injury Law Group’s attorney pressed his case with the dealer’s insurance company and within days convinced the dealer’s insurance company to reverse its position. The dealer then paid its full policy limits (over and above the $250,000 paid by the driver’s insurer) and Your Injury Law Group was able to put even more money in its client’s hands.


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Your Injury Law Group Defeats Insurance Company’s Denial-Of-Claim, Saving Client Over $40,000

Our client was involved in a serious collision in early 2021 and her leased Range Rover was a total loss. Our client bought her insurance through a large national insurance company’s website, and the policy was issued through a Florida subsidiary insurance company.

The client’s insurer denied her Collision Coverage claim, arguing that our client was listed as an Excluded Driver on her own policy. The insurance company’s denial of her claim meant the client would be personally responsible for the buyout price of her SUV (over $40,000) once the lease concluded less than 6 months later.

Your Injury Law Group filed suit against the client’s insurance company as well as against the parent insurance company that ran the national website. Your Injury Law Group alleged that the parent company was negligent, having inaccurately transmitted the client’s data and insurance requests to its subsidiary Florida insurance company. The suit alleged that the parent company’s negligence resulted in the Florida insurer’s improper denial of the client’s Collision Coverage claim.

Within weeks after the insurance companies were served with the lawsuit, the Florida insurance company reversed its position and extended coverage for this client’s loss. The client’s insurance company paid for the totaled Range Rover and the client avoided having to pay the $40,000-plus to her leasing company.

In addition to paying for the totaled SUV, the client’s insurance company also paid all of this client’s legal expenses (including attorney’s fees and costs), as required by Florida Statutes. Client saved over $40,000, all at no cost to our client.

Your Injury Law Group will always fight for our clients to right a wrong decision like this one. Call us for a free consultation. We will always listen to you carefully and give you our professional advice.


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Your Injury Law Group Stops Insurance Company From Clawing Back Settlement Money

Our client was seriously injured in a car crash and Your Injury Law Group negotiated payment of the at-fault owner/driver’s full policy limits for her injuries. The client’s own insurance company then claimed that it was entitled to be paid back some of the client’s settlement money as reimbursement for Medical Payments benefits it had paid to the client’s healthcare providers.

Your Injury Law Group held the disputed money in its Trust Account and filed suit against the client’s insurance company, claiming it was not entitled to reimbursement of any of the money it was claiming and requested the Court to authorize disbursal of the money to the client.

On the morning of a Summary Judgment hearing (a hearing that could resolve the entire case), the insurance company changed its position, formally agreed that it was not entitled to the money it was claiming and authorized Your Injury Law Group to immediately disburse the money to the client.

After further litigation, the Court entered Final Judgment against the insurance company for all of the attorney’s fees and expenses incurred in filing and pursuing this suit. The client recovered all of the money claimed by their own insurance company, at no expense to the client.


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