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Premises Liability Claims In Florida

Premises Liability Claims In FloridaAre you suffering from an injury that was caused by a land or business owner’s negligence? A slippery floor in a shop, a broken staircase on a rental property, or a hole in a public sidewalk can all have devastating consequences for those who are hurt as a result of these dangerous conditions.

When it comes to premises liability cases, the attorneys at Your Injury Law Group will stand with you. You can count on our premises liability claims attorneys to take charge of your case and fight for the justice that is rightfully yours. If you’ve been injured by negligence, contact our law firm in Boca Raton, FL, for a free consultation so you can move forward in your recovery.

The Basics Of Premises Liability Cases

So, what is a premises liability claim? Premises liability cases occur when someone experiences a personal injury at a place of business or on another person’s property as a direct result of that person or business owner neglecting to safely maintain the environment. A premises liability personal injury can also occur on a public site, as these areas are also legally required to be safely maintained for public use.

Owners and operators of businesses or property have a legal duty to protect those that they invite onto their property. Whether or not you are a paying client, you have a right to be protected from dangerous conditions and people, including:

  • Loose or worn carpet
  • Cracked or broken pavement or flooring
  • Poorly maintained stairs and railings
  • Documented criminal activity
  • Violations of building codes
  • Dangerous electrical conditions
  • Employees who violate personal rights

Such hazardous conditions could cause minor or severe injuries, such as broken bones, strains or sprains, burns, head injuries, and more. But no matter what type of injury you incurred, Your Injury Law Group will fight to ensure you receive payments to cover the damages – from medical care to lost wages.

Our Role As Your Premises Liability Lawyers

We understand that premises liability injuries are unique and that the causes of these injuries are not always readily apparent. As your premises injury compensation attorneys, we investigate these claims quickly and thoroughly while you focus on recovering and getting back to work – and we make sure you understand what is happening every step of the way.

Proving that the business or property owner was at fault for your injury can be a difficult task without an experienced lawyer. Our premises liability claims attorneys will gather the information and evidence that is needed to support your claim and prove the true cause of your injury.

In addition to this, we can deal with the insurance companies involved in your case so you don’t have to. Insurance companies are notorious for trying to pay less than a case is worth, but our job is to ensure that you get the right compensation for your injuries.

The team at Your Injury Law Group is dedicated to making sure you are properly compensated for your losses after a personal injury that was caused by another party. Using our understanding of local laws in Boca Raton, FL, and federal premises liability injuries laws, we will work closely with you to attain a satisfactory end result for your case.

Start Your Recovery With Your Injury Law Group Today

Premises liability claims can be complex, but our team at Your Injury Law Group has years of experience handling cases just like yours. The sooner you tell us about your accident, the quicker our premises injury compensation attorneys can begin protecting your rights.

If you were injured from a dangerous condition or person, don’t delay. Let the premises liability lawyers at Your Injury Law Group help you get started on your recovery journey. Call our firm in Boca Raton, FL, today for a free consultation at (866) 824-4222.

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