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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation Attorneys Who Have Your Back

Workplace accidents are far too common in Boca Raton and Florida as a whole, affecting individuals from nearly any industry. They can leave you unable to work for some time, or indefinitely, and come with heavy medical costs and uncooperative or downright dishonest insurance companies.

The best way to ensure you get the compensation you deserve is to have trusted and talented workers’ compensation attorneys accompany you throughout the claim process. Here at YOUR Injury Law Group, we are committed to getting every client their life back, starting by ensuring you get every cent of compensation you are due.

What Injuries Are Covered By Workers’ Compensation In Florida?

While workers’ compensation law is complex in Florida, and each case deserves to be examined carefully, there are generalities for which types of injuries are eligible to apply and receive workers’ compensation for.

First, any remotely serious injury suffered while working your job, as well as those you suffered as part of your job at your workplace. Even if these injuries were caused by you (mistakes, improper equipment handling, etc.) you will still be eligible UNLESS you were under the effect of any sort of illicit substance or alcohol at the time.

Second, injuries caused by exposure to a dangerous environment, or by long-term ongoing conditions. These sorts of injuries do not happen overnight or in a specific incident but occur over time. They are no less eligible for workers’ compensation however and can and should be taken very seriously.

Finally, some injuries that happen outside your workplace, but within the “scope and context” of your work, might also be eligible for compensation.

If you are not sure whether your workplace incident injury, ongoing injury, or health condition can be considered for workers’ compensation, you should call for a free consultation with one of YOUR South Florida workplace compensation or personal injury attorneys.

What Benefits Can I Get If I File A Workers’ Compensation Claim

In Florida, if you are injured on the job, whether inside the workplace or not, you are entitled to benefits to help you continue with your life. Hopefully, these will only be until you recover, but they can potentially be prolonged indefinitely when necessary. This financial compensation is designed to help cover your costs and recover money lost due to being unable to perform your job.

There are four types of compensation/benefits you might be eligible for, though each is capped at a weekly amount based on a state-wide cap. Most compensation amounts are calculated based on the severity of your injury/disability (usually the impairment rating given by your doctors) and the work you did (and the salary you earned) before being injured.

  • Permanent Total Disability Benefit: for workers who are entirely unable to return to any form of work after their injury is fully healed. These benefits last until you turn 75 or die, and are meant to help you and your family maintain your standard of living despite your inability to work.
  • Permanent Partial Disability: for workers whose injuries will not entirely keep them from being able to work, but lower the amount they can earn. These benefits are designed to bring you back up to a similar income level you were before the injury, based on the impairment rating given by your doctors.
  • Temporary Full Disability Benefits: these benefits are for workers who, as a result of their injury, are entirely unable to work, but only for a definite period. The maximum amount is two-thirds of your regular earnings and can be granted for up to 104 weeks or until you reach maximum recovery as determined by your doctor.
  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits: for workers whose injury will not entirely prevent them from working, but will, for a duration, partially impair their ability to do so. It is perhaps the most complicated to calculate.

A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer with experience in Florida’s workers’ compensation systems will not only help you determine how much you might get but will also help you win the fight to obtain it.

YOUR Boca Raton Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorneys

Anyone hurt on the job deserves the full compensation they are due, and the chance to get their life back on track that it offers. That is why here at YOUR Injury Law Group our workers’ compensation attorneys are committed to ensuring your workplace accident or injury is fully covered.

If you have been hurt, in Boca Raton, or anywhere in Palm Beach County or Florida as a whole, you should reach out to us immediately to help you through the workers’ compensation process. And if you are unsure if you are eligible for compensation, wish to start the process, or have any questions about your case, you can reach us for a free consultation online or by calling (866) 824-4222.

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