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Been In A Car Accident? Do These Things Immediately

Been In A Car Accident? Do These Things IMMEDIATELY

You Were Just In A Car Accident. Do You Know What To Do Immediately?

Accidents are almost always sudden unexpected events. Most people are shocked and dazed, agitated and upset. But what happens in the next few moments can often make the difference between life and death. Do you know what to do if youre in a serious accident?

Heres Your Injury Law Groups list of what to do should you find yourself in a serious accident:

  • Assess yourself: Take stock of yourself: Are you hurt? Are you able to move? If you are seriously injured, do not attempt to move (unless you are not safe where you are). Ask someone to call 911 and wait for help.
  • Assess everyone else in your car: Are they hurt? Are they able to move and exit the vehicle on their own? Like yourself, if they are seriously injured, do not attempt to move them (unless they are not safe where they are) and call 911.
  • Get everyone to safety, particularly if your car is smoking or making any hissing or other noises. Check your surroundings before you attempt to exit your vehicle; check for oncoming traffic. Make sure you can exit safely and get everyone to where it is safe (usually off the road and away from traffic). Be alert while moving to your safe location!
  • Check on the other driver(s) and passengers in the accident. This is not the time to argue about who was at fault. This is the time to see if anyone needs medical attention and to get appropriate help.
  • CALL 911. Be prepared to explain:
    • Where this accident happened (what street you are on, any cross-roads or intersections, nearby landmarks, directions to your location, mile markers, etc.)
    • Whether anyone was hurt and, if so, description of their injuries
    • Follow the 911 Operator’s instructions: They may give you instructions on what to do for those hurt in the accident. Follow their instructions.
  • Document the accident. If you are able to do so safely, use your cell phone to take pictures of:
    • The damage to your car
    • The damage to the other car(s), including the license plate(s)
    • The accident scene including any traffic signs or devices, skid marks, weather conditions, damage to any signs, trees, or other property, the resting locations of the vehicles, and any other pertinent photos
    • The license plates of anyone that may have witnessed the accident
    • Anything else that strikes you as being important
    • Take pictures from different angles and of all parts of the cars and accident scene, if possible.
  • Talk with any witnesses. Write down their names, addresses and phone numbers and ask if you can take a picture of their driver’s license.
  • Have your license, registration and insurance card ready for the police
  • Cooperate with the investigating officer
    • Make sure the officer is aware of everyone in your vehicle and where they were seated
  • If you are hurt, ASK FOR HELP.

These are the things you must do at the scene of the accident. Within 24 hours you should file an accident report with the police, and call your insurance company. Your insurance company will ask for a copy of the accident report, and if there is damage to your car, or other property damage they will schedule time for an adjuster to come and assess the damage.

Before discussing damage claims or personal injury claims with your insurance company, call Your Injury Law Group for a free consultation.

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